Spinning Gate Shopping Centre

The safety of our shoppers, store staff and centre team remain paramount at Spinning Gate Shopping Centre

  • A number of essential stores remain open within the centre
  • The centre team will be wearing protective gloves whilst on duty and wearing high visibility vests to remind our shoppers to keep a safe distance apart whilst shopping in centre with us
  • We have positioned large signs at both entrances to remind shoppers to social distance whilst in centre
  • We have increased our cleaning regime, disinfecting touch points regularly throughout the day
  • In the middle of the mall, near the brow bar, a one-way system is now in place. Please follow all signs and floor markings to direct you
  • There are no seating areas or children’s rides available in centre at present
  • As the number of shoppers allowed in stores will be restricted, queuing areas will be in place, outside store entrances. These will be clearly marked by floor markings and will be easy to understand, but if you’ve got any questions, please ask one of our team
  • Stores may vary their store opening hours, please check with individual stores before you visit them
  • Many of our stores will be re-opening on Monday 15 June
  • A few of our stores will remain temporarily closed, these are expected to re-open in July, subject to Government guidance
  • Please be kind to store staff & the centre team. They are all here to help you and we ask that you follow any guidance they provide you with
  • All visitors are welcome to wear face coverings & gloves whilst in centre

Many thanks for your continued support and patience. Please stay safe and take care